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Final Report Update: Ampled

What we've been working on:
Our research supported by this grant has taken shape with an overarching theme/ structure:

Streaming Economy: Defaults & Alternatives.

In it, we highlight:
(1) Problem

and then propose alternatives for streaming
(2) Ownership
(3) Governance
(4) Revenue Models
(5) Payout Models
(6) Funding

and then recommend

Throughout this thread, Web Monetization technology is suggested as ways to form alternatives-- particularly in revenue and payout models for streaming.

Timeline & press push:

We plan to publicly announce the final research on July 13th. Our calendar is June is packed with a community membership drive and our Season 2 artist launch.

For the press push, we will seek placement on media that we have existing relationships with like "Platform & Stream", Music Ally, Hype Bot.

We even plan to make a physical zine version of this research!

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