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Your Weekly Roundup!

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Closing out the week with some real good stuff!

ILP Summit Reflections

We’ve asked grantees and community members who we sponsored to attend to share their reflections about the Summit. Although a few were unable to attend, we’ve asked that they share their reflections virtually about the summit.

Vikas Burri — ILP Summit Virtual Review

Hi, I am Vikas from India, a product consultant for fintech firms and an advocate for ILP in India, I could not attend the summit in person due to Visa issues, but the amazing team at interledger made all the effort to ensure I had all the information I needed to participate virtually

ILP has the potential to play a significant role in the global payments industry and financial inclusion. As more businesses and organisations adopt the ILP and its ecosystem continues to grow, it could become a widely-used standard for interoperability between different payment networks and currencies. This could enable faster, cheaper, and more secure payments, particularly for content-driven micropayments on the web. In addition, the ILP's ability to connect different networks and systems could unlock new opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the payments space. I now have a deeper understanding of the tech stack of ILP from Sabine @Rafiki and joran @ tigerbeetle for seamless transactions. While ILP supports both simple and complex payment scenarios, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and use cases, I was thrilled to watch Stefan’s talk on making ILP more accessible in the future for developers to kick off individual projects with dassie and Rafiki . Also, the wider future use cases in could computing, neural networks and smart contracts.
I am currently open to opportunities to advocate ILP across Fintech summits across Asia. I have made an in-depth blog on ILP.

AgnostiPay - ILP Summit Reflections

We at AgnostiPay, an ILP Financial Service Provider grantee, had a great time at the last ILP Summit and we wanted to share some reflections on the great event.

Our goal in attending this event was to share our open-source proposition and get feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive and ended up with many new connections and awell well as many new ideas to connect as to how to tune our proposition to the broader ILP ecosystem.
I’m Jasper Voorendonk, flew in from The Netherlands to New Orleans, and currently being the representative for AgnostiPay. With AgnostiPay we create an open-source payment-service integration middleware that developers can use to integrate their end-users financial service providers directly into their own services, websites, or apps. This empowers everyone to become their own ‘payment service provider’ and helps the Interledger Protocol to fold the outside in, and increase the adoption of the ILP network and the value of the ILP nodes for the end-users.

I saw the ILP Summit as a great opportunity to learn about the current state of ILP, the strategic direction, and which challenges lie ahead. But most importantly I looked forward to meeting in person all the other grantees that I have sought out prior to the event in one-on-one video calls and continuing the conversation on potential synergies AgnostiPay could create for the ILP ecosystem and the end-users.

Please take a few minutes to read Vikas’ blog post and Jasper's reflections in full at the shared links. More reflections from the Summit to come over the coming weeks.

The Grantee Report

Meet Denny George for project Tattle Civic Tech


Tattle Civic Tech sought to understand whether incentives will incline people to share more true information. Whilst it was found that incentives (social and financial) do not influence individuals' sharing behavior on the platform. There are some noteworthy insights into how people react to posts using emojis and how certain individual characteristics influenced their engagement with posts.

Learn more about the project and research findings here.

Project Updates

gFam shares monthly update

Hi everyone!
October was a massive month for us.... November, not so much...
I look into some of the factors why I think this was the case and what I can look at improving.
We're also trying advertising for the first time as a slight pivot to help creators earn. Very curious to see how that'll be received and how it'll work out.

We still want to work with GftW grantees and the web monetization community to help with crowdsourcing marketing and creative work.

If you'd like our help, hit me up!

Here is the latest progress report…

gFam Monthly Progress Report - November
Thanks! Hope everyone is looking forward to closing out 2022.

From the Community

Santosh Viswanathamshares new blog post

Originally published at isantoshv.Medium on Dec 3

Medium , one of the largest content publishing platforms has an audience of 60 million. It is often praised for its ease and simplicity for authors in writing and publishing posts. The embeds work better than most other platforms, their editor is so simple and easy to use, giving you access to a more extensive member base.
However, it is nearly impossible for a writer on Medium to make money from their content. Medium partner program is limited to only 38 countries and requires a minimum of 100 followers to join the program. This makes it impossible for those outside the 38 countries to make any money from their content. Even if you have 90 robust readers for your posts, you still cannot make any money. This can seem unfair and unethical that I can buy a Medium Subscription from India but I cannot join the partner program and make money from India.
Of course, there are other usual blockades with content platforms where the payments take weeks/months to arrive from the reader to the creators, charges by payment systems involved, etc. Writing on Medium for over 5 years made me think not only about the challenges involved but also about the opportunities that can evolve from it.

You can read Santosh’s full blogpost at the link above and on Medium.

Interledger Foundation Updates

ILF Tech News

Did you know enables creators to earn from their audience?
Adam Waring shares how to create posts and receive micropayments via the gFAM platform at the #interledger community call.

Learn more about gFAM here.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for next week's ILP Community Call and Open Payments Huddle Community Engagement.

ILP Community Call
Date: December 14, 2022
Time: 4.00 PM GMT / 10.00 AM Central Time

We’ll have 5 regular update slots from:

  • Interledger Foundation
  • Rafiki
  • Fynbos
  • Coil
  • Open Payments teams

Meet joining info
Video call link
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3956 1581‬ PIN: ‪476 812 309‬#
More phone numbers:
Add to your Google Calendar

Have questions or need help? [Join us on Slack] here.

If you missed last month’s Interledger Community Call, meeting notes and updates have been shared here.

Open Payments Huddle Community Engagement

Date: December 15, 2022
Time: 10:00 am EST / 3:00 pm UTC / 6:00 pm EAT
Topic: Accelerating Financial Inclusion: Year-End Recap & What’s Next?

Our final community engagement of the year is next month and you’re invited. ILF Community Ambassadors and Grantees will share their experiences within the Interledger financial inclusion ecosystem. We will also recap 2022, the ILP Summit and discuss ILF’s focus and plans for 2023.

We hope you’ll join our upcoming and future community engagement events.

Have a good weekend!

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