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Binusu Universal Wallet β€” Progress/Final Grant Report #2

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Project Update

It has been a thrilling six months working on this project, we have learnt how to mitigate unforeseen risk that led to extension of activity timelines. Our biggest win has been completion of the vendor dashboard that is to be installed in supermarkets to run their loyalty programs. In the last few months, we have been working on development and testing usability of the platform on both the vendors and admin interfaces. The tests have been conducted both internally and with a closed user group to review the code and make modifications before deployment.

Progress on Objectives, Key Activities

  1. To achieve financial inclusion, we started with a website version of the dashboard that can be run on a PC and accessed on the lowest internet bandwidth for clients located in areas with poor network coverage. This is to enable vendors benefit from the points redeem and exchange service at any one of their stores, regardless of location. We have designed a mobile application interface for the customer to access the digital wallet on their hand gadgets, this can be via APK or USSD for feature phones. Development work is to commence after completion of installation of the vendor dashboard.

  2. To save costs, we have built the system on a technology that offers effectiveness and cost saving to its users (merchants/vendors and customers). Transactions costs for conversion of points to cash are greatly reduced and transactions are secure, which improves user trust in the system.

Key Activities

  1. On prototype development, we have successfully built and completed the vendor/ merchant dashboard and API which is to be installed in supermarkets. We designed the vendor, user and system admin interfaces and developed the functions to be performed by each of these users on the dashboard. For example, a vendor can create a store, loyalty program and track the number of users per store and its performance. Integration of the system to EFRIS (the National Tax system) for the vendors is still ongoing. Images below are visual representations of the vendor dashboard.

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  1. Functional tests were done following the approach of:

a. Unit testing the application during development using pre-defined test scripts.

b. Operational acceptance testing.
c. Final acceptance testing.
The system was tested with data volume workloads to determine overall performance in terms of throughput, response time, run time and resource utilization.
A repository of the dashboard back and front ends can be accessed via these links.

Project Impact & Target Audience(s)

Our Total Addressable market is two million Ugandans in the middle-income group, earning an average monthly salary of $270 and consume products using loyalty points. Women and mothers make up the biggest percentage of customers that shop at supermarkets and retail stores and are actively involved in financial decisions. They borrow, save, send, and receive money. Through the Binusu universal wallet, they will have access to financial services that will enable them to save and reduce on expenditures. This solution introduces interoperability where the customer can exchange points awarded from one vendor for access to services or products of another vendor, who is within the universal wallet ecosystem.

Through the agent model, we hope to increase access to our financial solutions to the greater population, hence creating value to the ordinary citizens across the country.

Communications and Marketing

!We made a brief introduction of the universal wallet work we are doing with the Interledger Foundation. We had not yet reached the marketing stage of the project as we were majorly focusing on research and prototype development.

What’s Next?

Our next step is to Launch the MVP of the loyalty program dashboard to vendors, do a training of trainers, an M&E analysis to modify and refine the MVP and also complete development of the mobile application.

Community Support

We need assistance referrals to used or tested loyalty programs to help us refine both the dashboard and mobile application.

Additional Comments

We build and deliver digital identity and KYC solutions to improve data harmonization and immutability across related entities that offer services accessed by almost the same users. This is what we aim to achieve with this project.

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