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Progress report #1

Project Introduction
Hello Community, This is to introduce the Universal wallet project that we are building as CryptoSavannah with the support of the financial service grant from Interledger Foundation. The solution we are working on is to addresses the problems of existing loyalty and rewards programs, which will also be an entry point to identity and crypto payment adoption.
Several business including airlines, retail shopping, fuel and hospitality operate loyalty and rewards programs which are plagued with delays from the long Turn Around Times, inefficiency as users hold multiple cards from different vendors and inadequate as points are not easily transferable from one vendor to another.
Our aim is to provide single digital wallet first in Uganda, a simple mobile application on a phone where rewards from loyalty programs are captured and easily managed and this will be integrated to the Vendors’ sales management system. The App will bring coherent benefits of;
β€’ Convenience where points will be redeemed through scanning
β€’ Visibility – users will have all their different reward programs under one view
β€’ Transferability - of points across vendors and therefore the ability to redeem points at a different merchant within the network

Milestone progress
From the scope of the project we will need design, development and project management resources. CryptoSavannah has all these resources in house and have already been deployed in the project. We have done a market review and reached out to a number of businesses in Uganda that are ready to work with us on a PoC. We have engaged the retail supervisors and managers to understand their existing loyalty program and the needs of both the vendor and the customers. To address these needs we have mapped out User Interface flows for both the mobile app and dashboard to be accessed by the vendor. These have been included in a system requirement specifications document to provide direction as we build and refine a prototype.

Next step
In the next month, we are to start review the system specifications following the needs assessment done and start on design of the system function specifications

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