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Memex - Project Update #8 # July 2021

About the Project

Memex.Social enables people to better collaborate in doing online research and get paid for curating quality content.
In one product you have:

  • Reddit's collaborative curation of web content
  • Google Doc's (collaborative) highlights on every website & PDF
  • Pocket's ease of saving and highlighting content

10min Speed run of all features: Watch >>

Project Update

Launch of Research Report

We compiled our insights about our near term priorities from over 60 user onboarding calls and over 1000 survey data responses into a research report.

Launch of Pioneer Presale

Our users can now support us with a $150 Pioneer plan that gives them $240 in credits as soon as the multi-device sync and our new pricing model of $6 and $10 launch to all our users.

Sync Prototype

We've built the first internal prototype of the sync.
Watch Demo

A video about Oliver does his weekly and daily review with RoamResearch, Readwise and Memex

Video about Collaborative PDF annotation workflow:

You can now collaboratively annotate and discuss web-based PDFs
Watch Demo

Raising another 40k from Peter Wang, CEO of Anaconda

Peter has been one of our first investors and now put more money into Memex. We're happy to have him as a partner and advisor on this journey.

In Progress

Moving Memex to the cloud

We started working on making Memex a cloud-first product with offline-support. This will enable automated backups and multi-device sync, our most requested feature and key to becoming a scalable and profitable product.
First prototype expected within the next month.

Launching a new pricing model

Historically Memex was way too inexpensive with only $3.5 per month. By developing our research report it became clear that our initial target group is people that spend between $50-200 on their knowledge tools and are power users. With the launch of the cloud-first infrastructure and further improvements on the collaboration workflows, we will increase the price to $10/month.

Support Needed

Need for researchers in the Effective Altruism community

We've been in touch with the EA infrastructure fund and they expressed interest in funding the collaborative online research tool we are developing, Memex (more below).

Before we apply we would like to talk to researchers in the EA community about their top priorities for such a tool, so that EAIF funds developments that have the most impact on the community's work.

If you are one, or know someone, we'd love to have a 20min chat with you. You can find a time here

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