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AFRICA KITOKO β€” Grant Report #20200132

Project Update let anyone access powerful, positive rich visual content about Africa and African Heritage. We aim to gradually become the go-to web destination for the African-american and Afro diaspora community to learn about African Heritage and Africa through exceptional visuals, a digest form of communications compared to long reads.

Progress on objectives

  • 120 new visuals/illustrations/GIFs are produced
  • We scale the distribution and discoverability of our visuals and GIFs to 20,000 new persons/viewers by enlisting the support of influencers and better outreach via our social networks
  • We implement the web monetization standard and dedicate an explainer page on our website

Key activities

  • 120 new visuals/illustrations/GIFs have been realized
  • According to Google Analytics we attracted 20,660 users (visitors) and 67,667 page views as of February 2nd, 2021; with the USA being the top traffic country
  • We added a mention of COIL support on the explainer page on our website

Communications and marketing

What’s next?

Fully implement the web monetization standard on our website

What community support would benefit your project?

Spread the word about and we welcome any new opportunities.

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Chris Lawrence

When do you expect the site to be fully Web Monetized?