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Discussion on: [HELP] Donations/tips using Web Monetization

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Chris Lawrence

@laka any thoughts here? I agree with @radhyr about Rafiki. Might want to have someone join the calls/forums working on Rafiki.

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Alex Lakatos

Donations/Tips would be something Rafiki Phase 3 enables via Mandates. Phase 3 is being scoped now, with the hopes that it will be completed by the end of the year.

The caveat is that Rafiki is supposed to be run by wallet providers / Monetization Providers. So wether the monetization providers enable that functionality or when they enable it is totally up to them. In the current ecosystem, enabling donations / tipping is something Coil would have to do, or another Web Monetization provider if they existed. I think @uchibeke has a better idea on a timeline for when Coil will support donations / tips.

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Would be great if Coil support tippings in the future 🎉