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Discussion on: Reflecting on my Initial NFT Research and Applications of NFTs Around Open Education and Freely Accessible Culture

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Chris Lawrence

Cranky guy alert. Count me as a skeptic here, and if I am honest, a little frustrated by how much oxygen NFTs are taking up in this space (broadly not the WM Forem)

It just seems like the easiest thing to explain quickly and thus has sort of caught fire and acts like proxy for everything having to do with new business models on the web, dweb etc. I appreciated @jfarkas nuanced critique and solutions in his skill share.

I would like to be proven wrong, and I like that thoughtful people in this community are having better conversations around NFTs then I see other places.

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Erica Hargreave Author • Edited on

I hear you, @chrislarry . I'm skeptical too and still have issues around the potential NFTs have to increase classism and barriers on the web. Having said that, I also see little downside to running an experiment or two around one of our projects that is aimed at social good. And even if the current craze is short lived, if that experiment or two helps to fund something that does good in this world of ours, then hey, that's a good thing. And if I am unsuccessful in the experiment, then at least I have learned something in the process that I can share with the community.