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Discussion on: MicroMemberships - Subscriptions for values based content and services — Grant Report #20210262

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Chris Lawrence

Great report, would love to have you share more. @phivk and @gunnar the report they wrote might be of interest to Gradual. Also @tessel you and @hessel and @meghan may want to compare notes as this has a lot of relevance to Free Music Archive's works. See their interim report here:

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Philo van Kemenade

thanks for the link @chrislarry! Thanks for sharing your insights @tessel! Indeed quite some intersection with our work on Gradual, in terms of working with creative communities and creating sharing value. We're prototyping how shared interests can lead to relevant community exchanges in the Web Monetization community as well as others. I'd love to have a chat with you and learn how this intersects with the Public Stack model. Bonus: Gunnar and I are both in Amsterdam, so perhaps we could grab coffee some time :) I'll follow up over email!