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Davo Ramirez
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Rafiki and ILP applied to PET recycling in Latam

Exploring the Potential of Plastic Recycling in Latin America

Hello, I'm David from Ecuador, and I've been deeply immersed in decentralized technologies since 2018. My focus has always been on sustainable and green applications within the web3 ecosystem. During this journey, I've discovered some remarkable possibilities, from solar power tokenization to innovative solutions for recycling plastic bottles using blockchain technology.

Web3 Challenges and ILP's Promise

As I ventured further into the world of decentralized tech, I came across Rafiki and the Interledger Protocol (ILP). While web3 holds immense promise, it's clear that there are several entry barriers for everyday users, such as wallet management and user-friendliness. However, ILP brings forth intriguing features that simplify both implementation and use. One such feature that I absolutely love is how effortless it makes transferring money—almost as simple as sending an email.

Introducing Rezy: Recycling Rewards on the Blockchain

One of my latest endeavors is a project called Rezy. This project recently received recognition at the Fantom Foundation Hackathon in Q1 2023. Rezy is a recycling rewards program built on blockchain technology, and its primary goal is to encourage the recycling of PET (Plastic Bottles), all through a web browser—an idea that might sound audacious but holds immense potential.

How Rezy Works

Here's a glimpse into how Rezy operates:

  1. Scan the Barcode: When someone wishes to recycle a bottle, they simply scan the bottle's barcode.

  2. Earn Rewards: This action registers the bottle and rewards the individual based on the number of bottles they provide.

  3. Track and Pickup: The collected bottles are sealed in a tracked bag, ready for pickup by recycling companies or individuals.

  4. Get Paid: People involved in this process only need a payment pointer to receive payment from the recycling company. It's somewhat akin to web monetization but without constant micropayments streaming in; instead, payments are cleared on specific events, such as scanning a bottle.

A Safer and More Sustainable Future

The current practice of recycling in Latin America involves significant safety and health risks for those working on waste-strewn streets. Rezy aims to provide a safer alternative by allowing people to recycle from the comfort of their homes, using an ILP wallet and Rafiki as the backbone of the system. There will a robust underlying infrastructure to ensure the system operates smoothly.There's a whole economy that can be built around plastic recycling and could benefit thousands of people in thousands of communities.

What's Next?

In future posts, I will provide more detailed information about this innovative concept that I am eager to share with the community. Stay tuned for updates! I have a demo, and I'm in the process of adapting it to work with ILP. Patience is key here. :)


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Davo Ramirez

Working on the frontend, some APIS . Also working under the hood using Rafiki playground :)
Basic front end for the prototype

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Davo Ramirez

Hi, I have an update , as last night I was checking at this video from Alex , and I realized this is possible to do using web monetization too, How? I guess using the tipping feature with some changes. The initial "problem" with web monetization for this use case was at my point of view , the constant flow that web monetization have as design, but with tipping feature this could be done by event, ( each valid scanned bottle ).

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Davo Ramirez

Basic backend for connecting to a local rafiki instance