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We've launched our Coil campaign: starting the conversation with designers

We're close to wrapping up our project - Design Club: Reboot. Before we go, we're sharing some Coil love with our community.

Back in July, we asked How can we best market Coil to our distracted, busy, creative community? We still don't have the answer. But we do know that the people we connect with care about our mission (inspiring the next generation of design thinkers).

Free Coil codes

So a central part of our campaign is asking our community to support Design Club by joining Coil. And offering free codes as an incentive (thank you @chrislarry)! We've updated the Coil page on our website and written this blog about why we're using Coil. Please read and share if you can!

Coil is still new to us and although we've been blogging our journey, we don't have a major success story to share. But we can try to start a conversation.

Social media

We're sharing our "Support us with Coil" messages on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and backing these up with insights from other design thinkers who are using Coil. We hope this social proof may help spark interest. If you know of any juicy, designer-y Coil stories we can share, let us know :)

Coil still isn't on the radar for most designers. And just because something is free, that doesn't mean you need to sign up to it. If people really want to support Design Club, they could volunteer their time as a mentor or give us a donation.

How might we encourage our audience to become Coil members?

Coil workshop

To try to answer this question, we're hosting a mini workshop with some Coil-friendly design thinkers next Tuesday 30 November. We've invited designers who are experimenting with Coil, or trying to talk about Coil to a design-focused community. We'll make the Miro board public and share insights in our final report.

Joining the wider debate

Our secondary messages are around creating a fairer and kinder web. We've experimented with introducing this issue to children at a Design Club, testing out a new Explore How Apps Make Money worksheet.

We know there's a wider discussion around ethics and sustainable business models - and Coil can be part of this. There's also a hot debate about how far designers should be involved in ethical decision-making.

We'll report back on how the campaign goes. In the meantime, if you've any ideas for good ways to encourage Coil signup in the design community, we'd love to hear from you!

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