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Dave Foderick
Dave Foderick

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how are my posts monetized?

Where do i find out more about how my posts are monetized?

When someone views my posts do i get paid? or payment is going only to the platform?

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Radhy • Edited

Hey Dave.

You can find out more about Web Monetization once you dig some of posts here in Web Monetization community (usually look for #getstarted and #webmonetization tag) and its official site

Your posts will be monetized to Interledger-enabled wallets of your choice once you set it on Settings -> Extensions -> Web Monetization. You'll see there's this "Payment pointer" that will link to wallet of your choice - as it is now, there only a few companies that support Web Monetization which you can read here for more details.

When someone views my posts do i get paid?

Once you link your payment pointer to your account, your posts will have the capability to recieve payment stream in real time from Web Monetization subscribers, which is usually translate your earning to how long subscribers viewing to your posts as the payment will stream continously.

or payment is going only to the platform?

No, payment will be directed directly to your wallet. But if you don't have wallets that able to receive Web Monetization payments right now, you can get payment pointer that set up by non-profits just to test it out (although with linking non-profits payment pointers you can't chech how much the earning get through by yourself).

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Shrikant Dhayje

Model is like this for forem based communities you add your payment pointer from the settings of your platform and the platform will redirect payments from the audience of the post to your payment pointer.

In Short Forem Based Platform Have One Pointer For All The Pages and the Original Pointer of the Post Publisher Payment Pointer is Hidden but paid.

You Just have to Wait Like an Week and Check Your Payment Pointer Wallet like GateHub or Uphold and Find Out the Mini Transactions in Account.