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Simon Metson
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Write about music, get ILP payments

We've been updating Audiotarky and one of the features we've added is an area for blogs. We're interviewing some of our artists, and have approached a few artists to do guest blogs. Blogs have an ILP so their authors recieve streamed payment when someone with Coil reads them.

I thought it might be of interest to the community here, and have hastily pulled together a Google form to collect submissions. If you want to review a release or write about music in general, I'd be interested in seeing what you've got to say. No guarantees that submissions will go on the site, things off topic, boring, illegal, offensive etc certainly won't, and content may get edited.

Happy to answer any questions as comments.

PS. If you know musicians who'd be interested in having their music on the site, do point them our way.

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