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Dee Saigal • Edited on

Hi everyone!
My name is Dee, and Iā€™m the CEO and Creative Director of Erase All Kittens - a web-based adventure game designed to inspire kids, especially young girls, to code and create. EAK works in a different way to other coding tools, in that players need to hack into the game's source code in order to build and fix levels as they play (in HTML and CSS, so far!). My team and I are really excited to be a part of this community, exploring ways that we can help build a fairer internet for creators.
Good luck with your projects! :)

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Hi Dee,

Erase All Kittens is an awesome project! I love what you're doing.

I run and was had been planning to reach out to you for a while. (regular top ten for self-improvement). If you're interested I'd love to interview you?