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Seyi Osunade for Edanuso Consult

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Publicity for the workshop was done via social media, personal contacts and advertisements. One hundred and thirty-five people indicated interest.

A workshop was held on 20 May 2022 with 90 participants taken in two batches. There was a physical workshop and a virtual workshop. The virtual workshop took place on Saturday 28 May 2022.

The workshop had three(3) components – lectures, laboratory sessions and a testing phase. The workshop consisted of two lectures – the first lecture was on Web monetization while the second was on Monetisation of yCAPTCHA. The lectures were given by Seyi Osunade and Taiwo Olanrewaju.

The participants has a laboratory session where they were taken through the process of opening a gatehub and coil account; integrating the ycaptcha into a website and testing the monetisation API. The laboratory sessions were handled by Israel Alagbe and Aanu Owoade.

The testing session had participants solving ycaptcha challenges using coil-enabled web browsers.

Coil accounts
The plan was to have 30 coil accounts open and ready for participants to work with. During the account opening it was discovered that multiple accounts could not open on a single bank account. Two accounts were thus opened using bank cards from UBA and GTBank. Also coil membership payment transactions using Fidelity Verve card was not allowed.

A personal gatehub account was opened for Oluwaseyitanfunmi Osunade, because Edanuso Consult could not meet the documentation requirements for a corporate account.

Honourarium was given to all the participants at the end of the workshop. Internet access was provided to each participant using the Internet service provider of their choice. The registration material provided to the participants included t-shirts with sponsor details, notepad and writing material and name tag. Lunch was provided for all participants, support staff and facilitators.

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