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Web Monetisation of a Web Authetication System — Grant Report #2

Project Update

This is the final report for “Monetisation of Accented Web Authentication System.” The project successfully deployed and monetized a CAPTCHA system on a website. Every interaction with the website by users on a coil-enhanced browser led to financial transactions reported on the owner’s account. The number of participants was lower than expected due to fear of being scammed. Agile software development technique was used to integrate the web monetization API with the CAPTCHA system.

Progress on objectives

The main objective of the project was to monetise accented text-based CAPTCHA using the Web Monetisation API and to collect data of interactions with the CAPTCHA.
1. The monetization was done on the website. The url is
2. The interactions of the users was collected on the backend of the software.

Key activities

  1. The CAPTCHA files were shared on github. The address is given here

  2. A website for testing the web monetized CAPTCHA system was developed and deployed to participants of the workshop. The url is

  3. Accounts creation on coil and gatehub.
    a. Two coil accounts were successfully created using the email addresses: and
    b. The gatehub account is

  4. Two workshops were conducted to introduce participants to web monetization. The first was a physical workshop that held on Friday 20 May 2022. The second was held over Zoom on Saturday 28 May 2022. There were more participants at the physical than virtual workshop. The following pictures were taken during the workshops.
    a. Breakfast and Lunch was provided
    b. Airtime for Internet access was provided individually
    c. Honourarium was given to all participants

Communications and marketing

A press release was produced and published in the Tribune Newspapers. A summary of the project, outcomes and funding source was given.
The project used marketing materials to get participants. The poster design is used as the cover image of this report.

The poster design was printed and circulated to tertiary institutions in Oyo State, Nigeria. The poster was also used for social media marketing.
Promotional materials for attendees such as t-shirt, notebook, pens, identification tag, wall banner and stand-up sign were customized and produced for the project. Pictures of the promotional materials are shown here.

During the workshop program held in May 2022, the news coverage was better and in digital form. The following links provide information about the event.

What’s next?

The CAPTCHA files and links to the Web Monetisation API has been shared with participants. We hope to see an uptake in new websites deploying the CAPTCHA system and web monetization API.
The personal use of web monetization API is expected to increase. A thespian from University of Ilorin, Nigeria who has a vast collection of dance videos has contacted us for assistance in monetizing the videos. This request will be followed up.

What community support would benefit your project?

The Community support required is to help
a. interact with the yCAPTCHA test website using coil accounts. The url is ( will be available from 20 May 2022.
b. deploy the CAPTCHA system for online transactions such as forms. The code can be found at

Additional comments

The plan was to have 30 coil accounts open and ready for participants to work with. During the account opening it was discovered that multiple coil accounts could not open on a single bank account. Two coil accounts were thus opened using bank cards from UBA and GTBank. Also coil membership payment transactions using Fidelity Verve card was not allowed. Individual participants were not asked to open coil accounts because of the scam fear that reduced participation. Many prospective participants backed out from attending because of the fear losing their money.
A personal gatehub account was opened for Oluwaseyitanfunmi Osunade, because Edanuso Consult could not meet the documentation requirements for a corporate account.

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Hi Edanuso! That's a shame.

What's the way forward now if the local banks cannot interact with the Coil membership system?

The CAPTCHA idea is definitely an interesting one, and good on you for finding ways to implement it.