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Erika Kitzmiller
Erika Kitzmiller

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11/30 Youth Project

Project Update

This fall we will be launching a new website under a new name, the 11/30 Youth Project. The project is is a youth-driven first-person storytelling project that showcases the voices and stories of individuals who call Chambersburg home, presenting a fuller picture of the community for the community. We aim to support the development of first-person narratives, particularly among young, marginalized individuals who are rarely heard or seen in the mainstream media and to bring people together to listen to and learn from the wide array of stories that Chambersburg residents tell themselves. 11/30 Youth offers these story collections to community partners as op-eds and testimonials to further social justice work in the community. We will be launching our first volume this fall on race and racism in Chambersburg and will be filing for non-profit status to support and sustain the project in the the future.

Progress on objectives

The initial project started as a journalism project but has evolved into an educational project focused on first-person narratives, broadly speaking, written by youth in rural Pennsylvania.

Key activities

In the past few months, we have designed a new project logo, created a new team of producers, and gathered support for the work from local youth and our advisory board.

Communications and marketing

We have discussed the work with local leaders and educators in Chambersburg.

What’s next?

We hope to launch another volume in the winter and plan to write a few articles to share what we are doing and what we have learned.

What community support would benefit your project?

We would love to speak to others in the community who are engaged in educational or youth-led projects.

Additional comments

We are so excited to show you the site when it is ready for the public.

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Chris Lawrence

@ekitzmiller You have some formatting that is still in the title. Can you fix. @ayeshaware or I can help you if you need it.

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Ayesha Ware

@ekitzmiller thank you for sharing your report.