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Countdown to js13kGames 2024

Another year, another countdown. This time though we’ll have a thirteenth edition of js13kGames - our yearly online competition for web game developers. I have some ideas how we can celebrate that, and I’ll be revealing those in the next two months up until the start on August 13th.

There’s nothing new on the website just yet, but I already have a few announcements up my sleeve - keep your eyes on this blog if you want to be the first to know.

While we’re starting the countdown, I’d like to ask you for the same thing as usual: please promote the js13kGames competition to all the folks that might be interested in participating, companies wanting to partner or offer prizes, media that could share the good news with their audience, and everyone else willing to help, thank you!

I won’t be putting that much effort into trying to get new sponsorships because of the burnout and shift in focus, but all the support I can get will as always be so much appreciated.

That’s it for now - expect another round of having fun while building tiny web games crammed into small zip packages. Follow our Twitter/X and Facebook accounts, and visit Slack (or Gamedev.js’ Discord) to chat with the folks.

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