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Enclave Games Monthly Report: April 2021

Most of April revolved around the Gamedev.js Jam 2021 - it was suppose to be a short and simple competition, but I wouldn’t be me if I haven’t tossed in two new categories, challenges, dedicated experts, partners, and $20k worth of prizes.


NSHex Roulette is literally hours from being released. I also worked on the Rack Match game, did a bit of client work implementing the SDKs, and some consulting as well.


Still not much beside the blog posts, but the article about NSHex Roulette is almost ready.


Ewa did a few banners this month, but focused most of her time on… a surgery. It went well - she’s recovering and hoping to get back to work in May.


I gave a talk at the 16th SFI IT Academic Festival, although it was recorded earlier, since the event was happening right when Ewa had a surgery and I was staying home with Kasia while kindergartens were closed due to Covid restrictions. I also gave a very short talk at the W3C Games CG in April where I mentioned both the Gamedev.js Survey and Gamedev.js Jam.

Gamedev.js Jam 2021 was happening between April 13th and 26th, with new categories (Web Monetization and Decentralized), challenges (from Protocol Labs , NEAR Protocol , and Paras ), experts, partners, and $20k in prizes (including cash, crypto, physical swag, and digital licenses). I spent way more time on the Jam than I initially planned, even though simplifies many aspects of running it like submitting and voting, but I’m happy with how it ended up eventually - post mortem is coming soon.


The js13kGames 2020 t-shirts gallery on Facebook was published and populated with selfies - if you own last year’s t-shirt and haven’t sent yours yet, please do!

The Grant for the Web project list was updated - an eBook was replaced with the Jam, and the deadline is still May 15th.

Plans for the next month

Finishing and publishing the remaining Grant projects before the deadline: NSHex Roulette is 99% done, Body Guard about 75%, and unnamed animal match game 50%. When we’ll do that, then it will be time to focus on js13kGames 2021 preparations, and exploring Web3 / decentralized stuff.

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