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Gamedev.js Jam 2022 with Web Monetization category again

Third edition of Gamedev.js Jam (started in 2020), and second one with the Web Monetization category, will run online between April 13th and 26th 2022. Similar to last year, we will have cash prizes for best entries - a total of $1000 to be given away to top5 games. Plus every category participant will get a 6 month long Coil subscription worth $30 each.

Make sure to check Web Monetization entries from 2021 if you want to see how it went last time. If you're interested in participating, join on and visit our Discord to talk with fellow devs and find teammates.

Edit: We're also adding $10 tip credit to the Coil subscription every category participant gets, and top5 entries will win Coil swag (t-shirt, power bank, stickers) as well!

Visit the official page of the jam for more details. Good luck and have fun!

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