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Hacktoberfest with Interledger

Intrduction to Hacktoberfest 2023 in Mbeya

Hacktoberfest 2023 in Mbeya was an immersive and inclusive month-long celebration of open-source contributions, collaboration, and technological learning. Organized by the Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) community at Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST), the event aimed to foster a vibrant tech community, promote diversity in technology, and empower participants with essential skills for open-source engagement.

Event Overview

Event Goals:The main goals of the gathering were to establish a friendly atmosphere where enthusiasts for technology could congregate, exchange knowledge, and participate in open-source projects. Key open-source technologies were encouraged to be explored by the participants, with a focus on Git and GitHub as vital resources for teamwork in development.

Building Inclusive Communities: Mbeya's Hacktoberfest 2023 placed a high value on inclusivity, drawing a wide range of attendees. The goal of the event was to lower barriers and enable people of all backgrounds and skill levels to participate in open-source activities.

Technology Workshops and Sessions: George Raphael led a hands-on Git and GitHub workshop at the event to give attendees practical skills. The attendees of this workshop gained the version control skills that are essential for productive collaboration in the open-source community.

sharing ideas

Partnership with the Interledger Foundation: The event's strategic partnership with the Interledger Foundation was one of its standout features. During his talk, Santosh Viswanatham gave attendees insightful information about the Interledger Foundation's critical role in the open-source ecosystem. Moreover, the meeting provided attendees with a clear understanding of how to begin their journey as Interledger Foundation open-source contributors. The attendees acquired a thorough comprehension of the Foundation's goals, initiatives, and ways to actively participate in and support the advancement of this noteworthy open-source project.

Sarufi AI conversational Highlighting: In keeping with the goal of the event, which is to encourage diversity in technology, Sita Ngwesa's presentation on Sarufi AI conversational emphasized the value of native language chatbots. This emphasized the larger goal of adopting linguistic inclusivity in the creation of technological solutions.

Value/Impact of Hacktoberfest 2023

Building a Collaborative Tech Community: The event was crucial in helping Mbeya develop a welcoming and cooperative tech community. The gathering of individuals from various backgrounds offered a forum for the sharing of skills, knowledge, and cooperative problem-solving.

Empowering with Essential Skills: George Raphael's hands-on Git and GitHub workshop equipped attendees with crucial version control abilities. After the event, attendees had gained practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge, which allowed them to actively participate in open-source projects.

attendees on pull requests

Interledger Foundation Engagement: Working with the Interledger Foundation gave participants a special chance to learn about and support a well-known open-source project. During his talk, Santosh Viswanatham gave insightful explanations of the Interledger Foundation's function, allowing audience members to take an active part in the project and have a significant influence on decentralized technologies.

Skills Empowerment for the Future: The event gave participants skills that will be useful in the long run, in addition to their immediate contributions. The attendees were better prepared for success in the quickly changing tech industry thanks to their exposure to cutting-edge technologies, open-source collaboration, and version control knowledge.

Impact and Achievements:

Diverse Participation: Sixty people from a variety of backgrounds came together for the event, creating a friendly and inclusive community.
Meaningful Contributions: By submitting a total of five pull requests to one repository, participants demonstrated their commitment to open-source collaboration and made a significant impact.
Empowerment with Git and GitHub: Participants departed the event with a plethora of fundamental Git and GitHub skills, enabling them to make future contributions to the open-source community.

Challenges/Learnings from Hacktoberfest 2023

The Hacktoberfest 2023 in Mbeya faced several challenges, including limited community awareness, technical barriers, evaluating impact metrics, adapting to unexpected technical issues, balancing speaker diversity, and maintaining post-event follow-up. These challenges highlighted the importance of robust pre-event marketing strategies, proactive engagement with community channels, and establishing clear metrics and feedback mechanisms.
Addressing technical issues, ensuring a diverse speaker lineup, and maintaining post-event engagement can help ensure a more inclusive and responsive event for the local tech community. These lessons can inform future events.

Future Plans: Collaboration with the Interledger Foundation for the GDSC Community.

GDSC at Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST) plans to maintain a long-term partnership with the Interledger Foundation to promote open-source technologies and decentralized innovation.
The team plans to organize specialized workshops and training sessions, host hackathons, encourage research and development, organize networking events, and focus on community outreach and education.
They will also establish mentorship programs with Interledger experts to nurture talent and foster a supportive environment.
GDSC Mbeya plans to engage in collaborative research projects with the Interledger Foundation, exploring innovative applications and addressing challenges in the decentralized finance space.
The GDSC community is committed to maintaining a strong partnership with the Interledger Foundation, ensuring regular communication, planning, and feedback sessions. Regular evaluations will provide insights into the effectiveness of initiatives, participant satisfaction, and areas for improvement.

GDSC Metrics achieved for Hacktoberfest with Interledger

GDSC successfully participated in Hacktoberfest with the Interledger Foundation, achieving high attendance and positive feedback. They made significant code contributions, fostering community growth and skill development. They also successfully built a strong community through networking breaks and effective social media presence. The partnership with the Foundation resulted in successful projects and positive feedback, indicating a commitment to continuous improvement.


Going forward, GDSC sees an even closer working relationship with the Interledger Foundation. Specialized workshops, hackathons, and cooperative projects are among the events planned to advance decentralized technology research, teaching, and mentoring. The accomplishment of Hacktoberfest 2023 highlights the value of teamwork and the enduring spirit of the GDSC atΒ Mbeya University of Science and Technology tech community, laying a strong foundation for future projects.

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Santosh Viswanatham

It was great to talk to your community Sitta. Best wishes for your future plans.

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Fareed Ngwesa

Thanks; you are welcome