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Everything Is Connected — Grant Report #1

Project Update

I started hoping to facilitate empowering community where the creators could share their learning journeys. I have struggled until this report's deadline to figure out how I could do it. I started Eduforem, where I hoped to build the community. The struggle was fivefold. First, I groped for the way to remunerate the co-creators fairly. Second, I took too large a scope - learning anything. Third, I doubted the sustainability of Eduforem beyond the grant and did not want to get people there and close it shortly. Fourth, I did not know how to get around compulsory GitHub email collection. Finally, I ran into a chicken and egg problem - if I opened it and the platform would be of little content, it would be unattractive for people. Thus they would not come. Therefore, there would be fewer postings.

I am aware that there would be a solution to all those problems. However, I wanted to ensure that I finished the project with some outcome, so I formed a partnership with an already established organization - 100daysofnocode, who agreed to share the Upwork posting I made for the creators. The organization has a lively community empowering creators to build the products they envision. Increasing tech literacy and the low threshold that allows inclusion has been important for my project. Project learning and reflections are other necessary components. I will wait for the responses on Upwork, which should come within a few days.

Progress on objectives

I shifted from the second-brain-like vision to something more feasible - to a partnership with a community working on projects that matter to them.

Key activities

Supporting a community of creators going together on a learning journey morphed: From providing an Eduforem platform to creating a partnership with 100daysofnocode. The community was already there. The vision was similar. The people already wrote about their projects.

Communications and marketing

I did an Upwork job posting to support the projects' authors' documentation. Below is the related tweet of the founder of 100daysofnocode.


What's next?

I plan to collaborate within the community during December, building along.

What community support would benefit your project?

Feel free to apply for or share the job posting, jump in the 100daysofnocode, or engage with the emerging web monetizing authors whose work I will link.

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