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Preview of Website 1

Final Report

“Deeply grateful to be a recipient of the Grant for the Web; it allowed me to integrate web monetization with my artistic and humanitarian pursuits in a bold manner. Trusting that the vision is always guided by intuition has been fruitful in my past artistic endeavors but now I see that to be true on a larger scale as my company expands. It is important to me to lead from a position of an unapologetic black perspective and I appreciate how that style of leadership influences future generations of black artists and entrepreneurs. If I was to stay in my old mindset I would work privately for another two years before allowing the public into my process, but now I’m offering space for those interested to see the active processes and hurdles along the way. I gladly accepted the Web monetization grant because it allows creatives to move forward with their visions with integrity and to expand their scope, while supporting a more equal place of development throughout the web.

Changing the web development team was one of our major hurdles. What we found was that it was not necessarily the strengths of resumes that mattered but a willingness to understand the vision and the ability to minimize unneeded complexities. We also valued the ability to simplify the tools involved to make the final product effective. This brought up conversations that helped us distinguish between collaborations being useful and when a leadership role is necessary to stay on a path more beneficial for the overall vision. At first glance this may seem like a task as easy as assigning clear roles, but in practice reinforcing these distinctions effectively only happens when there is a consistent, bold, and receptive understanding of what is needed and what is not allowed within the process. Allowing the team to change in the middle of the website creation brought delays to your timeline but the result far outweighs the setbacks.

The sections I have mapped out for the website are: an online space for black performing arts, a home for marginalized artists to seek refuge and resources against discrimination, a mentorship program, a research lab to offer healing and a thriving body, deversiviable business ventures that bring tiered levels of sustaiabilty to the arts, and a way for philanthropy to work in relation to mutual aid in order to serve gifted underepsented artists internationally. Each section of the website is able to grow individually using web monetization and simultaneously enhances other interests. “Dare to be moved” is currently our company's working motto. As a black artistic space our priority is to engage in ways that help society move away from a constant numbing of intuitive and health based faculties and reach deeper, with art, into all aspects of life to support the maturing of each individual. If only people continually dare to be moved. The goal is not to escape from or hinder the progress but to be moved without exaggeration. It is a humbling place of realization that we are all capable of endless growth. Since the allure of stagnation or retrogression is always close we must joyfully and continually dare to be moved.

One of the big accomplishments during this grant period has been to offer mutual aid beyond our target goal of 10 predominately black artists to 20 artists and cultural bearers. Allowing us to build an enterprise of artistic and humanitarian ventures that can be integrated with web monetization and a diversification of sustainable practices. This is the pathway to launching our company's first website in August of 2022. Finally, after several years of planning and research, the acquisition of tools that not only allows us to increase our companies production value online but also offers significant upgrades to our capacity to produce artistic content internationally, was a huge accomplishment. E.g. new computers, cameras, software, lighting, audio, and other much needed technological assets.

There has been substantial growth for Folawole inc. and great expansion of possibilities that will be long lasting due to the support of Grant for the Web.

Progress on objectives

Surpassed initial expectations by doubling the number of artists we wanted to support. Decided to postpone building a hub in Greece due to logistics posed by Covid 19 and instead reallocated funds to getting technological material needed. Website plans to launch in August of 2022, along with premiers of several web content. We have made the decision to relocate from San Francisco and are now actively looking for our next base for operation nationally and internationally.

Key activities

Development of Website 1

Preview of Website and activities 2

Development of Website 3

Preview of Website and activities 4

Communications and marketing

In mid August 2022 we are planning the official launch of with a full press release, media interviews, social media posts, and a well planned marketing strategy to gather attention towards our launch. Along with the media blitz we will be launching podcasts, tutorials, and webinars that are to be open to the public as content is developed and published.

What’s next?

Along with the lunch of and the distribution of fresh new contents in multiple web spaces we will kick off a campaign to raise $500k by the end of August 2023 to enhance our web monetization hub on the web and acquire land for the physical artistic home of Folawole Inc.

Community engagement

If any aspect of our works inspires the community of Grants for the Web , Web monetization and beyond please feel free to reach out to us. We are always interested to see how new tools in development can be utilized within our company to help us reach our goals.

We would also appreciate any of the following forms of assistance: tax deductible donations, equity redistributions, fundraising events support , grant writing expertise and in kind / wish list givings .

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