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Project Update

The project is going very well and exceeding our expectations. It has been a great joy to distribute funds to artists , develop a plan to provide artists with wellness measures that mature the artistic community and map out what will soon be a web monetized hub for international artistic engagement. Giving funds to artists posed unexpected challenges as everyone had different obstacles and requirements to receive funds ; depending on their location , comfort using technology and other particularities. Regarding the timeline everything is going as needed with an emphasis on patience, organic development and consistent focus. Direct ongoing communication with members of web monetization communities has been invaluable.

Progress on objectives

Main objective to create a website that is integrated with web monetization and offers a sustainable platform for black leadership , guidance and wellness in the arts is developing rapidly. Artist whom received mutual aid grants are being introduced to the world of webmonitization from the stand point of “ how can web monetization support content creators and their particular hurdles ?”, in a solution driven approach.

Key activities

All funds to artist have been distributed. Web development is underway. Web developer and strategists are working diligently. Delays occurred regarding obtaining hardware and software needed. Funds need to be reallocated to acquire remaining hardware and software needed. It has become clear that our goals are driven by the need for honest quality content that empowers artist while serving to mature the artistic field and those inspired by the field. This means we are now focused more on the process more so than mass production for mass consumption of content.
Process are being revealed by artist honest engagement with wellness and sustainability practices and how that sets the foundation of their ability to create content. We believe content creation is inevitable but quality content creation centers wellness and a devotion to uncovering an artists “working vibe”. Between now and the final report we will be posting in community forums, contents that have been revealed through process driven work. The team within Folawole Inc will become more vocal on the web monetization forums.

Communications and marketing

Plans to share the project publicly are still underway. We have chosen to postpone major announcements until key developments have been achieved for artists and the team at Folawole Inc.

What’s next?

Next steps include acquisition of hardware and software to allow for greater production value regarding content creation. Public announcements regarding the project. Publication of contents that reveal pertinent processes and development.

What community support would benefit your project?

Community has been key in allowing us to understand the importance of simplicity and refinement within our projects. We have been able to connect with gems within the web monetization community in order to share ideas , simplify and mature ambitions and create viable networks.

Thank you Briana @creativelivingfordancers , Casey @casey_herd
Ballet Raising, Peter @peterbaro Cinnamon and Andrzej @end3r for all the in depth perspectives, guidance and advice so far.

Open to discussing and supporting ideas with more in the web monetization community. Would be valuable to see if some of the process driven practices in the arts can be translated to practices that benefit other establishments and individuals outside the artistic field. Which fields outside of the arts would value in-depth consultation from this wellness and process driven approach to improve company/ startup culture? What type of tangible collaborations can be created cross disciplines ?

Additional comments

We are interested in having a behind the scene look at current and past projects or one on one interaction with other projects and communities to see where they are at within their projects to build connections, solidarity and sustainable networks. Big shout out to Dees/ @cyberdees for introducing us with Masuma / Girlhood. Looking forward to nourishing connection. Deeply thankful for the warm and open aproach grants for the web team has curated. It contributes to a stress free environment that allows our team to focus on honest discoveries and challenges within our project. -->

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Chris Lawrence

Make sure you stay on the look out for our monthly community engagements, lots of good project share-outs and places for collaboration there.

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Casey Herd

Keep up the great work @folawole!

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Andrzej Mazur

Happy to hear the project is going well, congrats and good luck with the next steps!

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Ayesha Ware

Hi @folawole this is terrific can't wait to what else you do in the next half of your project!

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Peter Baroš

Awesome to see the project is still going strong, feel free to reach out if you need anything else :)