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Gaia Dempsey
Gaia Dempsey

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Hello from Metaculus!

Hello Web Monetization community! πŸ‘‹

We've been busy the last couple of months setting up our basic web monetization integration, building new features that will be web monetizable, and making general usability improvements.

We've also launched our biggest forecasting tournament ever – Forecasting AI Progress, which has already attracted more engagement and new users into the Metaculus ecosystem. There's $50K in dedicated prize funds for this competition, so if you are interested in AI and want to get into forecasting, definitely check it out!

One of the biggest new features we've developed is the Metaculus Notebook, a place where our users will be able to write analysis about existing forecasts, their rationales for new forecasts they're developing, or other content of interest to our community. And we're very excited to reward authors of Metaculus Notebooks with streaming web monetization payments!

In addition to this WM opportunity, we'll also enable payments to our top 5 most valuable Question Authors, as judged via the activity and engagement of Coil subscribers.

While we originally intended to utilize micropayments as the basis for a bounty system, our initial experiments have led us to the conclusion that the technology isn't quite ready for this type of implementation, so we've come up with an alternative plan.

If you’re interested in getting an overview of what our integration plan looks like, how we’ll reward Metaculus Notebook and Question Authors, and what we’re excited about for the future of web monetization, please check out our lead developer, Matej’s presentation on the subject. We’re gearing up announce, launch, and promote our user-visible Web Monetization features in the new year.

Needless to say, if you have thoughts/feedback to share about our plans, or just want to geek out on Web Monetization or probabilistic forecasting, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team!

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Love this update Gaia. It's great to hear Web Monetization is integrated into the Notebook feature and I'm interested to learn if the reward strategy works as an incentive.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the tech needs to mature for it to be useful in a bounty payment program. I know a few different folks are thinking about Web Monetizing bounties and I'm curious what the biggest challenges are.

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Simon Metson

@hammertoe might be of interest to you :)