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Discussion on: Is there a list of WM subscription value-adding sites?

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gFam Author

Thanks Erica!

This isn't really what I was looking for... although it might be a good place to start.

The list you've provided is content where the creators get paid via the subscription. I'm actually after a list of additional or exclusive access provided by the subscription.

Does anyone else know? If I had to put something together Erica, would you want to add it to StoryToGo or should I make it a gFam blog post?

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Erica Hargreave • Edited on

Hi Adam,

Yes, I realised what you were referencing, and while I am sharing all Web Monetized Content in that library, and not just exclusive content, there are many sites you can find with exclusive content there, like @palexander 's mindfulness course and @creativelivingfordancers ' course content.

As for a list of where to find exclusive content, yes, I'd love to add that to StoryToGo, but I also see value to it on gFam as well, as I think different people will find in different places. Also I can add you as an Author on StoryToGo with your own payment pointer there, if you want to add that 'library' yourself there.

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That's amazing! Thank you Erica.

I'll give this post another day or two in the hope someone has a handy resource, and if not then I'll put something together on gFam and let you know if you want to link to it... and/or I can also build it into StoryToGo.

Thanks thanks thanks!