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Discussion on: How Do You Explain Web Monetization?

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The most common question we'd get was "Why not just use Venmo?" - and so we'd have to explain that web monetization is so much easier (once it's all set up) to pay lots and lots of people based on the time spent on their content. We'd also explain that the fees that PayPal/Venmo, etc require make these smaller transactions impossible.

The other thing we ran into was "What am I getting for $5USD a month?" - people are so used to consuming content "for free" and either not realising or not caring that "for free" isn't free at all in terms of data privacy and/or intrusive advertisements. It does seem like a hard sell sometimes, which is why I'm looking to create a post that lists the additional or exclusive content that a subscription provides.

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Erica Hargreave Author

Thanks Adam. This is helpful.