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Earn with tutorials on gFam Learn

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I'll be running a session on how teachers can earn from their tutorials on new functionality on called gFam Learn. It should complement the amazing work that the @gradual team have been doing at by enabling sharers a web monetized area to create tutorials for their sessions, or to create follow up content to help solidify the learnings.

Everyone learns in different ways, and so and gFam Learn covers people who learn by talking a subject through, and people who learn by doing and following instructions.

If you're interested, you can get yourself an invite to the session by clicking here:
gFam Learn session

Or you can look at the details of the session on Gradual:
Gradual details

The session is tomorrow on the 21st of June at this time:

7am PDT (Los Angeles)
10am EDT (New York)
4pm CEST (Amsterdam)
Midnight AEST (Sydney)

Jump in if you're interested, if you're not excited at, say, midnight, the session will be recorded and shared with this community later.

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Hi everyone!

Apologies to all, but we've had to reschedule. Zoom (the video conferencing software) seems to be having worldwide issues and we weren't able to connect. We'll let everyone know when we reschedule to.

Thanks sorry thanks!

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Philo van Kemenade

What a bummer, I was really looking forward to this!
Let's reschedule soon! 🙌

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Rashon Massey

Sounds awesome! Just catching this so hopefully I can participate on the rescheduled date.