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Announcing Grant for the Web's Next Public Call for Proposals

Through the Grant for the Web program, the Interledger Foundation aims to fund innovation supporting openly-networked payments on the web using the Interledger Protocol and the Web Monetization standard. To that end we are excited to announce that our next public Call For Proposals is open as of Monday July 26th and will run through September 22 at 19:00 UTC.

Our goal is to help kick-start and support a healthy, vibrant ecosystem of web monetized tools, content, and resources. We recognize that dominant business models of the web are controlled by the same institutions, companies, and algorithms that reinforce systemic racism and inequality. We seek to support communities that have – and continue to be – systemically and deliberately excluded from opportunities around financial inclusion and empowerment. Starting in 2021, we began to mandate that all funded projects have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) component, which can manifest itself in one of three ways:

  • The lead applicant is a person of color or the team represents a diverse group of people.
  • The output of the team benefits communities that have been historically underrepresented.
  • Funds explicitly earmarked to address increasing participation of historically marginalized and underrepresented communities.

This call for proposals focuses on practical activity to catalyze Interledger-driven business models for the web that expand financial inclusion. Interledger is an open source protocol that connects all types of ledgers to allow simple transactions, no matter the location or currency. On the Web, an Interledger-powered ecosystem provides opportunities for creators and publishers to benefit from new financial models, especially through using the open source Web Monetization API.

Applications must fit into one of the following categories:

Business Plans for Web Monetized Content

Exploring the relationship between specific content types and consumer appetites for monetization by offering value propositions that are different from traditional web business models. Read more.

Web Monetization API & Interledger Prototypes

Building technical infrastructure that will advance the capabilities of Web Monetization to launch new business models for the web. Read more.

Research on/with/for Web Monetization API & Interledger

Producing research, reports, and thought leadership to convince more people to adopt Web Monetization technology and practices. Read more.

Advocacy and Public Education

Helping others learn about and advocate for openly networked payments enabled by the Interledger Protocol and the Web Monetization API. Read more.

Grant for the Web will award projects up to six months in duration at three funding levels: Spark (up to $15K), Mid-Level (up to $50K), and Flagship (up to $100K). All funded projects will need to promote good web design principles, ensuring that the emerging Web Monetization ecosystem supports scalable, global, and open standardization.

How to participate:

If you’re a creative with an interest in Web Monetization, we would love to hear from you before September 15th on our Web Monetization Community Forum! Be sure to stay up to date on all things Grant for the Web by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Victoria Coker

Im excited about applying. I wanted to know is their someone from the team who could answer some questions for me? Also is the community of creators very accessible to collaborate -- my proposal is really focused on collaborating with the current creative platforms built in the space. Thanks for any info in advance.

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victoriac profile image
Victoria Coker

Thank you

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Andrzej Mazur

So happy the next CFP is already open - hope to see more gamedev related projects! :D

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Anthony Ronda

An game jam introduced me to WM last autumn and I've been obsessing over it ever since. Keep an eye out for my (virtual tabletop) gaming proposal!

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If you want to build a community and want some inspiration or collaboration for your proposal you may want to read my post.

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Ben Halpern


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Casey Herd

Time to get the arts community in here! @creativelivingfordancers , @jamiellaurence !