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Roelf-Jan for Micrio: ultra resolution storytelling

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Intro: A healthy future for ultra resolution storytelling

Hi all,

We are Anton, Jeroen & Roelf-Jan, working for Q42 in the Netherlands and are excited to work with Web Monetization for our Grant!

Our Grant is for a venture of Q42: Micrio. This is a solution for telling interactive stories with ultra resolution images or video. Publishers can create interactive stories on the platform and incorporate them in their website.
As the saying goes: "A picture can say more than a 1000 words", so we think it is best you experience Micrio for yourself! If you are interested we think this is a really great example of what can be achieved with Micrio. Explore The Garden of Earthly Delights by Jheronimus Bosch.

The current business model for Micrio is as follows: Publishers that use Micrio pay a monthly fee depending on their usage and monthly visits. If they exceed their limit they need to pay a fee to cover the extra bandwidth costs. This means that viral posts can cost publishers a lot of money...
We think that this can be better! So we are investigating what impact Web Monetization can have on this business model. Our aim is to make viral posts profitable instead of costly!

We are already working for 4 weeks on this and will share the results in the upcoming weeks.
Also if you have questions or ideas, let us know!

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I am annotating several articles from the community for better reach outside of the community.

Here is yours.