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The final result of our journey

In this post we wrap up our findings and learnings of our journey into Web Monetization. In the previous posts we have explained our different views on the concept and how this relates to our goals with Micrio and its business model.

We have developed a proof of concept that aligns with our vision of a general direction of the API specification.

The proof of concept

The prototype consists of 3 parts:

And of course Coil should be running.

It all comes together in our main GitHub repository. The code of the prototype can be found here.

See it in action below:

Some notes

  • Since Coil uses a flat rate and has a monthly (?) payout to the payment pointers we mocked some things. The amount per minute, which is set in monetization:asset:amount is used to calculate a multiplier. With the multiplier we can mock higher rates. The earnings on the payment pointer are stored in localStorage. In this way the revenue per project could be directly shown on the statistics page.
  • At the time of writing, the value of XRP is quite volatile. We have decided to not use a conversion API in any of the prototypes as this would involve using API keys and running into limits. We advise anyone trying the prototypes to edit the RIPPLE2EUR values to the most recent values.

If something is not clear, let us know. We are curious about your thoughts!

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