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Helping Minority Content Creators Monetize on the Web — Grant Report #1

Project Update

Greetings Everyone!

It’s Rashon Massey, the team leader and lone member of this really rad project that specifically utilizes my experiences, perspectives and existing online presence as a content creator, as a means to introduce other individuals from minority groups to the benefits of web monetization tools like Coil and the Puma Browser!

I am officially at the half way point of this project, and other than one slight shift in my initial plan, EVERYTHING really is happening smoothly; gratefully, this is in large part due to the fact that in my project funding, I was able to budget support for myself and allocate the needed time to seeing each step completed successfully.

Progress on objectives

As this funded project ultimately introduces, educates and engages individuals from minority groups (people of color, women and/or individuals with disabilities) to/with the tools of web monetization via Coil and Puma, I knew that I could achieve this within three objective phases.

PHASE 1, which began the moment that Spark Level grant recipients were announced, focused first on directing initial funding towards upgrading my current tech and production equipment, while preparing content that promotes web monetization (specifically text/copy) to be produced by a team of hired graphic designers and videographers. - DONE - BOO - YAH! Haha 😆

Phase 2 is where we currently are at, and it’s all about the distribution of assets and utilization of new production equipment. If you follow me on Coil and Cinnamon Video @micopeia you have certainly seen the growth of my ‘Getting to Know’ herbs/mushrooms series. I’ve been able to incorporate images from Creative Commons into my blog posts, using illustrations from graphic designers to make fact memes. I’ve also begun sharing that video content across other channels, slowly beginning to intoduce my pre-existing social media communities to the world of Coil and Cinnamon Video!

For those following my Coil blog, in this phase, I was REALLY wanting to bring my Mom’s online Tai Chi and Enhanced Fitness for Senior’s class over to Coil; however, this is where I have experienced my only project adjustment thus far. While, as a son, I think my Mom is a Superwoman, it just became apparent that the changes happening in not just her life but all of ours in 2020’s wasn’t allowing her to confidently expand her online education beyond her established community. Since a huge part of this project is mentoring content creators, I never could’ve imagined this first experience of compassionately working with my Mom would open my eyes to the realities of adopting something new. As we continue to discuss the growth of her presence online, she has expressed an interest to prerecord “Tai Chi tips and breathing exercises” that can be shared on Coil and Cinnamon Video. If you know me, I’m just happy that my Mom’s not giving up on herself because she’s awesome, her class is fun and sometimes the best in us is right around the corner of something new.

Phase 3 sees me mentoring our other content creators, before launching their presence on Coil and Cinnamon Video during the final month (March 2021) of this funded project, and honestly, these cats and I have been working and developing their material since like early December! We are really building fun, interactive and enriching content to do together and individually for our web monetized Coil and Cinnamon Video communities!

Key activities

Key Success Indicators for this project continue to be very straight forward, and down to upcoming dates, here’s how this project is coming along!

  1. The purchasing of new tech and video production equipment - Completed [Production Equipment Purchased Oct - Jan 2021]

  2. Creation of original infographic content promoting web monetization specifically for minority communities, content creators and individuals with skill sets - Completed [Copy/Video Promo Text Written & Completed - Nov 2020; Videographers Booked for Video Promo – Dec 2020; Video Promos Filming Date - Month 5 (Feb 20-21, 2021 Weekend; Flexible to move to following weekend if roads/weather in Michigan are bad); Infographics in-production by hired designers to be completed and shared Month 6 (March 2021), as new content creators are launched on Coil]

  3. Initially this was the space to launch my Mom’s live Tai Chi classes; however, I am going to request to a slight change to the project that will still allow for us to go LIVE together! If some budget reallocation gets approved, I’ll make my next update specific to sharing the news of the change!

  4. Sponsoring three minority business owners as they create a Coil account and original exclusive material to be shared on enabled web monetized platforms (Coil, Cinnamon Video and YouTube via Coil Monetized Coding). - In Development; To be completed March 2021

Communications and marketing

Even though my project doesn’t use it’s advertising or marketing budget until the final month (March 2021) as the new Coil and Cinnamon content creators are launched, I went ahead and strategized in my initial proposal on how I could leverage the 5-month journey up to that point, to slowly introduce the Coil and Puma brands to my existing community. I am happy to report, awareness is building!

So far …

State of Michigan Representative Jewell Jones publicly acknowledged my receiving a Spark Level grant from Grant from the Web via his Instagram account - October 2020

I’ve edited and reshared all of my new content produced as First Round of Promo for Web Monetized Platforms Coil & Cinnamon

  • Highlights to date: Over 30,000 combined video views from @micopeia + @RashonMassey on Tik Tok, Instagram.; 76 social media posts from @RashonMassey and @micopeia tagging @GrantfortheWeb, @Coil, @CinnamonVideo, @PumaBrowser, #GrantfortheWeb, #Coil, #CinnamonVideo, #PumaBrowser, #Mozilla/@Mozilla and/or @CreativeCommons/#CreativeCommons

Held Web Monetization chats on the new iOS app Clubhouse, specifically talking about ILP, Coil, Puma Browser and the benefits of content creators profiting from their own content, especially as a gig economy continues to dominate! In fact, I’d love to host more frequent Clubhouse conversations where our community can get together, chat about what’s going on and introduce the world to the exciting future that is web monetization! The discussions I’ve had on the platform have been wonderful thus far!

What’s next?

Another level of original content coming from MICOPEIA's new video equipment, while mentoring our new content creators for the next month!

What community support would benefit your project?

Whereas my name and exposure is growing on other platforms with this new production equipment, not too many people are actually reading my Coil posts and/or watching my videos on Cinnamon. Personally, I know I have to schedule specific time to dedicate towards reading Coil blog posts and watching Cinnamon Videos because I am a small business owner so I do have to prioritize; for that reason, I get why many people may not know about my content because maybe I’m not engaging enough on Twitter. I’m still growing myself in this space so be patient with me, but genuinely, the only support I’d like is just supporting more of what I’m working hard to contribute already! If you like something I’m contributing to Coil and Cinnamon, please share it and let me know! Come March, I'd also love this support shown to the new creators that will be introduced to these platforms via my funded project! ... and look, I also realize that maybe my content isn't that good yet so I'll keep working hard to win over your reads and views!

Additional comments

I really do appreciate you taking the time to read this project update!

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Chris Lawrence

@micopeia you have a few odd formatting stuff you may have brought over in the copy/paste from template. Not a big deal but you may want to edit a bit, especially the title. But loved the report!

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Rashon Massey

Thanks buddy!!! I made edits so I hope everything looks good now 🤗

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Chris Lawrence

Looks awsm, thx!