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2023 Call for Proposals for Interledger Ambassadorship

The Interledger Foundation (ILF) will increase its thrust to build equitable pathways to financial inclusion by advancing open payment standards through digital outreach and participation via our Ambassadorship program.

The Ambassadorship program is for our community members, previous grantees, stakeholders, and Interledger Protocol (ILP) enthusiasts to broaden the ILP Network by nurturing an ecosystem specific to each Ambassador.

The program is in its third year since inception, and the Interledger Foundation has decided to open up the process to expand its Ambassadorship program.

To this end, we are excited to announce the next Call for Proposal(CFP The Interledger Ambassadorship.

Designed to target an integral part of our mission to raise awareness; increase participation, experimentation and innovation in the Interledger Protocol (ILP)-enabled networks as well as furthering the mission of open payments.

As an Ambassador you are an extension of the Interledger Foundation and will help us identify and lessen obstacles to entry and potential adoption of ILP by the larger populace. Working towards decreasing those divides, to identify and activate communities that have been historically marginalized and structurally excluded communities.

More specifically for the Ambassador Program we seek up to five candidates to serve as an ILF Ambassadors in these specific areas:

  • Opensource
  • Accessibility
  • Research
  • Community

The opportunity to apply for this call for proposal will be available from the June 21st, 2023, through December 15, 2023.

The program is open to all eligible applicants and will be awarded on a rolling basis until the positions are fulfilled. The candidates will be selected based on the merit of their proposal, as well as any additional criteria determined by the foundation.

The Interledger Foundation will enable up to five candidates to execute their submitted Ambassadorship proposal within an expected timeframe of six months.

This grant opportunity will award up to 5 Ambassadors for a six-month project timeline. For their dedication to this program, The Ambassadors will be awarded with $30,000 USD and a stipend to implement their proposal.

The Interledger Foundation (ILF) believes that financial inclusion is a right, not a privilege and that financial systems should work for everyone, everywhere. We are stewards of the Interledger Protocol or ILP, an open standard, built on the interconnectivity of the web to create an open payments network, making all systems and services interoperable, inclusive and accessible.

Stay tuned for more details on the Interledger Foundation’s website and community forum for information on the current call for proposal’s eligibility requirements, application form, live information sessions, and other additional information.

All are welcome to the Interledger Slack or contact us at if you have any questions.

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radhyr profile image

I'm not clear with Ambassadors tasks but what do they usually do?
Are they required to attend Summits in-person and/or have regular zoom meeting with Foundation core members to coordinate?
Or do they completely remote and independent and only give reports of results for works they have done like most grant reports?

lwlkarama profile image
Lawil Karama

Hello Radhy,

The Ambassadorship program is a six month work project. The task they’re required to do depend on their submitted proposal.

There are planned weekly meetings with the program team, In which the Ambassadors are given the oppertunity to give updates on their progress, ask questions and seek our support.

Since the Interledger team works remotly, all our meetings are online.

As with all of the other Call for Proposals we expect you to do share your findings by an interim and final report.

I hope this answers your questions

radhyr profile image

Thanks for the reply @lwlkarama