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ILF July Community Call Tipping Party hosted by Erica Hargreave

We are thrilled to invite you to attend a Web Monetization Tipping Party to celebrate the end of the first full year of Community Calls! Bringing us full circle, one of our first Community Call hosts, Erica Hargreave!, who has now joined us as a Web Monetization Ambassador will be hosting the party on Wednesday, July 27th at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm EDT / 6:00 pm GMT.

We want to take a moment to celebrate the various digital creatives in the community who have been experimenting with the Web Monetization Standard and Web Monetizing their digital assets.

Join in the fun as we immerse ourselves in the digital creations of our fellow Web Monetization Community Members, and spend some of our free pre-paid tips courtesy of the free Coil membership that those attending will be gifted as a party favor.

To Register for the Tipping Party:

Sign-Up via Eventbrite, and closer to the Tipping Party we will send you the specifics on the location of the ‘virtual gallery’ for the party. The gallery will also be open 12-hours either side of the party, so that you can peruse and tip projects at your leisure.

To get your ticket for the Tipping Party visit:

To Have Your Web Monetized Digital Assets Added to the Tipping Party Gallery:

If you have Web Monetized digital assets of your own or from your community that you would like to see added to the Tipping Party Gallery, then please share a link and associated image to the Web Monetized digital asset with Erica in one or more of the following ways:

“Hello @ericahargreave, @GrantForTheWeb, and @Interledger, I’d love for you to add a link to this #WebMonetized digital asset to the #WebMonetization Tipping Party Gallery: Excited to try out @Coil’s experimental #tipping feature! See you on July 27th!”

Once you have registered for the Tipping Party, watch out for an email with a code for upgrading your Coil account to an experimental tipping account. These accounts will come with a 6-month pre-paid membership and $10 of pre-paid tips, all courtesy of Coil.

Looking forward to seeing you on July 27th, and indulging in your Web Monetized digital assets at the tipping party!

We are taking the month of August off and will be back in the Fall with more Community Engagement opportunities.

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