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Join the Interledger Community Calls

Interledger Community Calls are running every 2 weeks. The last one was this week, and the next one is happening on August 18th, 2021. If you've missed them so far, you can catch up on Soundcloud.

They are a place to catch up on the projects that build on the Interledger protocol (like Rafiki), get news and help from the people involved with the Interledger ecosystem. As Web Monetization is one of the core use-cases that Interledger enabled, I would love if people here would get involved with the community call.

I've seen some amazing grant reports in this community, and the community call has a new format that showcases project building on the Interledger network. I'd love it if people in this community, especially the ones working on Interledger-related projects, could join the community call and showcase their projects.

Agenda and details for next call are open, hope to see you there!

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