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Join the October ILF Community Call with grantee Imani K Brown

Building a Niche Audience Around Your Project with grantee Imani K. Brown of Black Tattoo Anthology and more!

We’re excited to reboot our series of new bi-monthly community engagements and are pleased to invite you to this community call. In addition, we have revamped our live community gathering that will now focus on creating a platform for purposeful discussions and the exchange of best practices amongst individuals, organizations, and businesses within the Interledger ecosystem.

Our goals:

  • Engaging current and past grantees with the interledger community.
  • Building global connections amongst members of the community.
  • Facilitating the sharing of knowledge and information.
  • Advancing financial inclusion and the open payment ecosystem.

This month we have invited ILF Grantee Imani K. Brown to take us inside her project Black Tattoo Anthology.

Imani will give a behind the scenes tour of Black Tattoo Anthology; look at the benefits of the assets built in Kartra and the User’s Experience with Katra Funnels. Imani will give a step-by-step demo of mapping a custom funnel and translating it into the system, and creating a custom user experience to build your community with this fun thing called FUNNELS. Join us and look at the BTS brand in progress and see how the same technology can help you reach your creative dreams and build the community of your dreams.

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm EST / 10:00 am Pacific / 5:00 pm UTC

To Register:


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Meet Your Community
  • Featured Presentation by Imani Brown BTS tour of BTA What is Katra and the User Experience with Katra Funnels?
  • Panel Discussion with Rashon Massey & Imani Brown (Black Tattoo Anthology) on the theme Building a Niche Audience Around Your Project

    • What do you expect from your audience?
    • How can I grow my audience organically?
    • How has Web Monetization played a role in the project?
  • Questions & Answers

  • Community Announcements

  • Wrap-Up & Closing

This call will be one hour. We will use Zoom. We acknowledge that for a global community, this time is not friendly to all time zones, so we will be recording the call to share and commit to moving these monthly meetings to different times.

_We need a new name!_The Program Team needs your help renaming our Community Calls. Share your ideas for new names here in the public note taking document.

We hope you’ll join our upcoming and future community engagement events

The Interledger Foundation Program Team

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Excited about all of this, but particularly pumped for the panel discussion! Great topic!