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Meeting Minutes and Recordings from Interledger Community Call - 8 February 2023

Below is a recap of our 8th February 2023 Interledger Community Call with meeting minutes.

For those new to our community, ILF stands for Interledger Foundation. We are a community of technologists, digital creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators working to build new pathways to financial inclusion and equity through digital transactions.

Recording and Podcast

Community calls:

  • Chris is joining Vineel, facilitating community calls
  • Contact Vineel at interledger dot org or Chris at interledger dot org or via Slack with content/features you’d like to see.

ILF update:

  • Interledger is, and always has been, an independent foundation created to steward open standards and protocols.
  • Coil was built on the Interledger Protocol, an open standard. We can build on the foundations and create a stronger ecosystem as a community. As stewards of the standard, our role is to continue to support creators and innovators, build the next solutions and share their journey as part of the ILF community.
  • What happens next? Our role is to champion the open standard and protocol, to make the space available for people to connect with and learn from the community, and to continue to support innovation through our awards. We want to facilitate the conversations through our community calls and gather, collate, and publish findings and research about what is needed next in the web monetization space while continuing to make grants available to support new solutions.
  • There is a running conversation on the community space. Please join here.
  • Town Hall event 9th Feb.

Web Monetization standard:

  • Intense work has happened on the stack.
  • The Google team is happy with the latest changes.
  • The specification is part of the standardization process at the W3C. Here's the preview of the recent changes.


  • ILF and Fynbos are excited to finalize a deal to subsidize early scale-up and user adoption rates.
  • In the early stages, the Fynbos wallet will be free to sign up, withdraw and send payments.
  • Full compliance audits across all US states and sign-up emails are being sent to the waiting list.
  • Conversations happening with multiple jurisdictions with the UK and Europe as a priority.
  • Fynbos is already working on a web monetization feature through business account creation and has a flow of funds vetted already.
  • Watch out for the blog post with full details of the ILF & Fynbos partnership coming soon.


  • Working on an interim alternate for Tigerbeetle as Tigerbeetle won’t be production ready for approx 6 months.
  • Capabilities are being added to Rafiki for accounting in the meantime.
  • Rafiki infrastructure and knowledge transfer are in the process of being transferred to ILF.

Testnet: Rafiki playground

  • It will be easier for people to develop with Rafiki and test integrations through a publicly available test network.
  • Open payment APIs allow developers to build applications on top of it.
  • Rafiki users can connect, peer, and send play money transactions to develop and integrate simultaneously.
  • Auto-peering will be available. If required, manual peering can be done while this is in development.
  • The User interface is being designed by Madalina.
  • MVP beta test net ready approx March
  • Github:
  • View the full presentation deck here.


  • Grant opportunities coming out through the year
  • Grant CFP coming in a couple of weeks
  • More grants in ’23 than in ’22
  • Watch out for updates on the latest grants here in the community space

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