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Cover image for The fourth episode of the F|M podcast is out now!!

The fourth episode of the F|M podcast is out now!!

The Fourth episode of the F|M podcast is now streaming on @Castopod Listen here

In this episode we talk with Subhashish Panigrahi, he is a civil society leader and documentary filmmaker with an interest in tech, media, and society. His films focus on conservation and assertion and broader issues of access, digital rights, and openness. He advocates for community-led media, open tech development, and indigenous sovereignty. Subhashish will share more about his childhood in India and how language influences social constructs and access to technology. In his new short film, β€œBringing Down A Mountain,” a docufiction set in the Odia Language, he uses Open Source imagery to reimagine how technology is built, implemented, and affects financial inclusion.

You can find more information on Subhashish Panigrahi and his project here:
-Bringing Down A Mountain Grant Report

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