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Cover image for Tune in to our latest F|M Podcast featuring Xiaoji Song

Tune in to our latest F|M Podcast featuring Xiaoji Song

The third episode of the F|M podcast is now streaming on @Castopod, listen here

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'For me, art is for building the infrastructure of imagination.' Tune in to our latest FM Podcast featuring Xiaoji Song


In this episode, we converse with XiaoXiao, also known as Xiaoji Song. She is an artist, writer, and researcher currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her work centers around community-specific experiences, influenced by texts, games, and performances. These experiences often touch on topics such as migration, techno-politics, and the performative aspect of political memory, particularly their relevance to global phenomena. In this episode, we will delve into her work "Parallel Society,

"The Parallel Society is a cyber-drama that explores financial inclusion and equity by featuring the parallel fate of two characters, a Lebanese migrant in Barcelona and a villager in rural China's Henan province. The game sheds light on financial traumas, such as behavior patterns and psychological impacts as results of financial exclusions experienced by these two characters, and radically imagines a world where such barriers no longer exist, but the characters are still trapped in the old pattern.

You can find more information on Xiaoji Song and her projects here:

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Chris Lawrence

I loved this episode!