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Your weekly roundup is here!

This week on the community space; the Future|Money Grant Application closes April 8, Black Web Fest is back, the grantee report. Plus, news from Interledger!

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Future|Money Art & Culture Grant Open Call for Proposals

There's one day left to submit your application

The countdown to submit your application for Future|Money Arts & Culture Grant open call for proposal nears. Applicants have until tomorrow Saturday April 8 at 3:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM UTC to apply. All applications must be submitted via Submittable.

You can access the application at

Good luck to all who apply!

Community Update

BLACK WEB FEST 2023 is back in person this year!

Founder Victoria Coker invites you to attend the 7th annual festival -- Black Web Fest 2023.

This year we are back in-person in Harlem. We will be screening films and series by emerging Black filmmakers. We will also be hosting educational panels that will cover different topics including grant funding, Web 3, and writing.

If you're in the NY tri-state come check out the festival April 28th - 29th at Heyground Harlem.

Learn more about festival and get your tickets here:

The Grantee Report

Lawil Karama shares her experience as an Ambassador for the Interledger Foundation.

During her engagements, she connected with a lot of stakeholders in the digital payment space on the African continent and parts of Europe. She notes the reception of the Interledger Protocol was great; and that it would thrive in the global South.

ILF Tech News

Contribute to the Interledger project on Github

Here’s an open invitation for you to contribute to the Interledger project on GitHub.

Star #ILP project on GitHub:

Interledger’s in the news!

Interledger Foundation Featured in Business Ghana

In our world today, 1.4 billion people remain unbanked and locked out of traditional financial systems that could expand their economic participation, flexibility, and potential.


According to Briana Marbury, CEO and President of the Interledger Foundation, “We have global financial systems that billions of people have been historically excluded from participating in, but through technological innovation, there’s an opportunity to make previously inaccessible systems more inclusive and interoperable.”

Check out the Interledger Foundation’s feature in Business Ghana on Open Tech for Financial Inclusion

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thanks for highlighting Black Web Fest 2023.