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Discussion on: Weekly Discussion: Converting users to Web Monetization

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Jemima Gibbons

Thanks Carol. That's really useful. I like your approach and tone. Do you have any way of knowing the impact of these messages? (eg: how many of your users have signed up to Coil after seeing this prompt?)

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Dr. Carol JVF Burns

Absolutely no success, unfortunately. (So maybe this message is something not to duplicate! Hah!) But, I've tried a variety of messages, with equally no success. I have basically no COIL traffic other than my own, even though I get (when school's on) about 80,000 users each month. Based on the affiliate program data, I have only one known person who converted to COIL (this is in over 6 months) due to my messages. Sorry for the dismal stats. This is all since January 2021. But I still think COIL is one of the most promising ideas to save the web, so I'm continuing with it (together with Pay-for-Read thru PayGo).