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How to track Web Monetization events using Plausible

I wanted to know which articles on my website received payments from Coil subscribers. I see notifications of deposits periodically in Uphold, but I could correlate only the deposits with page view stats. Coil is quite new and the content that resonates with its subscribers might be different from that which excites my audience as a whole.

Using Plausible Analytics, I am able to track this data. Plausible has the ability to track page views and events that happen on a page. When a person with a Coil subscription visits a page, a “monetization start” event is emitted in the browser. The webpage can detect this event using JavaScript and register it as a “goal conversion” in Plausible.

This tutorial on my blog will show you how to do it in 3 steps:

Screenshot of Coil browser extension when paying. Arrow pointing to screenshot of a page goal conversion in Plausible.

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Chris Lawrence

This super neat!

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Power Plays Podcast

Thank you, this is a very useful tutorial!