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Discussion on: What is LikeCoin? Decentralized Publishing Infrastructure

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Janos Farkas • Edited on


It may interest you that we (CLink) operate an interoperable identifier and metadata framework which integrates data from legacy to blockchain sources/systems. It is a distributed system (currently with three clusters) that can be replicated at trusted parties and capable of running consensus engines. It is compliant with established industrial standards (eg. ISBN, DDEX, DOI, EIDR, IPTC, ISBN, ISNI, ORCID, ONIX, PLUS, etc.). You can see few live examples at and at pages linked therefrom.

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LikeCoin Author

Thank you, Janos. Sorry for the late reply. But happy to chat more over Discord, where our technical team will be able to provide insight and explore chances to work together. Link: