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Quadratic Funding - Kendraio FundOSS

Have you guys ever experienced Quadratic Funding (QF) solutions? Quadratic Funding is a more democratic and scalable form of matching funding for public goods, i.e. any projects valuable to large groups of people and accessible to the general public. QF optimizes matching funds by prioritizing projects based on the number of people who contributed.

At Kendraio, we're experimenting with it, so throw between two and five dollars to Kendraio today and we'll end up receiving up to an extra $20 in matched funding! FundOSS is a new system for fundraising open source software that rewards projects based on the size of their community rather than the amounts they raise.

So the multiples on the matched funding are bigger for the smaller the amount donated. Hence $2 gives the greatest multiplier! You need to have a GitHub account to donate. But that's easy to get.

Head to and donate a few dollars! And then tell your friends, family, and loved ones!

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I haven't wrapped my head completely on Quadratic Funding concept, but I have the feeling this will be a pretty big deal in the open source community for years to come.

I wished I could toss a few bucks to see how it works, unfortunately I don't have any accessible way to make international payments right now as my debit card is neither VISA or mastercard and can be used only for local merchants.