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For my 2nd post in a day, in this space, I wanted to announce that I’ve transitioned from my role as Ambassador with Grant for the Web to the Ambassador Program Manager. What does that even mean, you may or may not ask. The idea was to take the experiences and lessons learned from acting as Ambassador and conduit to diverse communities to finding and managing other unique passionate people to do that same work. As we move to build communities and ecosystems we have to expand our sight lines and be very specific about connecting one specific community to larger communities, with an understanding that there are obstacles to entry points when we start honing on on this very specific and unique community.

What currently makes sense is to have a multifaceted program, that engages multi hyphenate Ambassadors who can assist in joining siloed communities. My experience over these last seven months has been working to identify divides between tech and creative communities who would/could/should benefit from participating in becoming a member of this unique body of people, especially individuals from communities that have been historically marginalized in technology spaces and structurally excluded. With a new set of Ambassadors we are looking at having the program be global in its reach, looking to engage with community liaisons to; connect a powerful community of web advocates and leaders, promote creative and innovative solutions to connecting humanity and steward technology and standards work that advances open payment technology and financial inclusion.
I look forward to seeing you outchea, thus concludes my TED Talk.

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