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Kult — Project Update #2

Hello Web Monetization Community :)

We are glad to share the latest updates on Kult. Check it out!


1) Where to watch? Using JustWatch ( free API, Kult has now the long awaited feature to check in which streaming services the user can find that content, with a deeplink taking the user directly to watch it.

2) What’s trending? Our new discover page ( offers a whole new world to users. Now you can see which people and contents are trending on Kult, and also search for them.

3) Reading changes the world! Kult has now millions of books via Google Books free API, and people are loving it ( ! It was one of the most requested features. It is also possible to read the free preview ( of the book before buying it.

4) Kult 🤝 Design: We are constantly revisiting our UX/UI. We have done several design improvements during August, but you’ll have to access Kult to see it with your own eyes 👁️👁️

These new features have been very well received by people - feedbacks and KPIs prove that the number of sessions per user and time spent on the platform have grown. The average per user is 12 minutes/session.


WHAT’S NEXT (September)

As part of our funding, we are aiming to monetize Kult with micropayments between people. The first step of monetization will start on September:

1) Monetization: People will be able to donate micropayments, starting with 0,001 USD, to content creators and curators they love. The second step of monetization will be to allow monetized galleries.

2) Retention: Improving e-mail marketing and notifications to remember users to return. We understand that we have to reinforce the habit of using Kult, which is a challenge for any social network.

3) Social login: Using Google and Facebook login, we can ease the access to Kult and facilitate the network effect, using “find friends” feature.

There’s a lot to do and we’re looking forward to coming back with amazing updates for our next contact.

That’s all folks! Thank you very much for keeping up with us. Let’s get to work! 💪🏽

See you soon,

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