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Kult at Websummit Lisbon 2021

Kult at Websummit Lisbon 2021

Hello everyone! :)

Last week, our team represented Kult as an Alpha Startup in one of the biggest technology and innovation conferences in the world, Web Summit 🚀

During the 4 days of the event, we were focused on networking, improving visibility and expanding Kult's horizons as a brand, startup, and product. It was an honor to be part of such an incredible event, full of relevant talks, diversified content and precious knowledge from global leaders across the market.

On Wednesday, we were able to share Kult's vision and product solution during the talk about the Future of Content, on the Startup Showcase's stage, presented by our team leader Patrick Rahy. He spoke about how Web Monetization can be a disruptive tool to monetize content creators and curators with peer-to-peer micropayments.

We also had our own exhibition stand on Thursday, during the whole day, where we met so many interesting people from around the world and brought new users for our platform.

Some key takeaways from the event that instigated us and that might interest you:

Facebook’s new brand name, Meta. It was one of the main topics in the event. Some people in favor. Most people against. There’s a lot of controversy about this. But maybe the main question to ask is: should one company have so much influence in dictating the future of technology and human interactions?

Reddit’s exponential growth of trusted and authentic communities around the globe, tackling issues reflected in society. Privacy is a central value to how it operates. Community moderators are valued and empowered.

NFT’s, crypto, blockchain… Is it a temporary trend or the future of digital? How can NFT be applied to different areas of society?

Important words from the CEO of Neeva (and former Google-exec), a no ad-monetization search engine:

“Ad monetization is based on competition… Ads represent a fundamental conflict of interest, they’re serving advertisers and not users. If it’s the only revenue source, it becomes worse and worse for users…”

We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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Chris Lawrence

Congrats team! Glad to have you all representing Kult, Web Monetization and disrupting the dominant models!