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Kult's Web Monetization is on!

We are glad to share with the community that Kult is now allowing peer-to-peer micropayments using WM! This is such a great milestone for us and we want to share our initial thoughts with you :)

First of all, how does it work?

Our initial idea was to allow donations of specific micro amounts between people. However, as we recently found out, this is not possible yet. Therefore, we thought of a new idea to make it possible for people to transfer money between each other spontaneously. It works like this: one can choose to support other people on Kult, by clicking on the "support" button in their profiles. If the person clicks on the button, a window pops up explaining how Web Monetization works and the way to get there (by connecting with Coil provider).


From the moment you choose to support someone, everytime you see their posts on your feed, or when you're browsing his/her profile and galleries, you will be transferring tiny amounts of money (0,36 USD/hour).

We also created a personalized page where you can follow your donations transactions, who you support and who supports you.


What are the pre-requisites?

To be able to give donations, you need to have a paid Coil subscription and the downloaded browser extension. It’s only supposed to work on the Desktop for now.

To be able to receive donations, you need to connect your profile to a digital wallet (which is what we are working on currently, to be able to associate your profile with Uphold’s digital wallet).

Next steps and challenges

Understanding how this user flow can become more simple inside our website, and specifically for our public, which lives in Brazil and Europe, is our biggest challenge. We understand that currently the barriers for using Web Monetization are pretty high, since there are many steps and integrations that need to be included, and also with Coil we can only make payments in USD.

This is fresh news and we will keep you posted on our next developments. If anyone has been working on a similar idea or has thoughts to share, please feel free to do so! We are happy to have a conversation about it. :)

(Our website is only in Portuguese for now, but hopefully through our explanation here and print screens you can understand how the user flow works!)

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Helena Tude • Edited

For now, if anyone is interested to see it, you can test it out on my personal profile at Kult :D By clicking on the purple button "Apoiar" (which means Support), you will be streaming micropayments for me while you browse my curated galleries and posts!

This is the link (you will have to create an account on Kult though to see the Support button option):