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Kult says: Hello World!

Hello everyone! Hope this message finds you well : )

My name is Patrick, from Kult, a social platform for culture & entertainment content curation – a space to share and discover movies, TV series, music, podcasts (and soon books) with a passionate community. It is also a personal library to save and organize content digitally. Check us out on
(only Portuguese language for now, but we are working to provide English and Spanish soon).

We are based in Porto. Our team is made of 5 young passionate entrepreneurs, from Brazil and Portugal. We have applied to Grant for the Web in the first round and now again in the second round.

After months of incubation in UPTEC (Portugal), while participating in Startup Voucher Program, we aim to develop a new business model – different from the current social media –, and Web Monetization is a strong fit to our vision of fair and collaborative monetization (peer-to-peer and long tail), prioritizing independent curators & creators.

We want to share with you how we intend to use Web Monetization to generate wealth for artists, creators, and content curators on our platform. Basically, our idea is to use Web Monetization and Interledger Protocol to: (i) allow curators to monetize exclusive content galleries; (ii) allow creators (beginning with musicians and podcasters) to upload audio content and receive for each second listened; and (iii) allow microdonations from people to curators & creators they love. This is our initial attempt for creating a user flow for this process:

We are very interested in the potential of this technology to innovate our platform’s business model. Of course, we have some challenges to overcome, like bringing people to experiment with this new technology. We believe a friendly UX/UI and simplified communication will help.

Another common question is how to measure the value of content curation? How can exclusive/premium curated galleries be differentiated from the free ones available on our platform? Not only through the curator's individual strategy, but also through tools that our platform might offer.

It would be nice to hear some of your views or similar projects on these matters. We expect to come back soon with new developments and updates about our journey to monetize curators and creators on the internet. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts and feedbacks about Kult as well :)

See ya!

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Simon Metson • Edited

Be glad to compare notes - we're just starting to launch$/ & onboard artists :) Also, I work with a guy who used to be at Loom, he'll be very pleased with your video ;)

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Patrick Rahy

Hey Simon! I just checked audiotarky, we have indeed a lot in common! Good to know :) Let's keep sharing our experience with Web Monetization to help creators to monetize their work.
Yeah, we love Loom, it's amazing. Send him my regards ;D