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Kyle Ricketts

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Smart Contracts

Aloha Everyone

I'm looking for the best information on creating smart contracts, what's your favorite resource?

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Michael Robbins • Edited

Hi Kyle,

This is a very broad topic. Can you provide more context? We are working with some great developers on this, but I want to be able to point you in the right direction.


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And these Reddit communities are a good place to explore and listen:


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Last time I checked the most viable option for smart contracts is through Ethereum and Solidity language, some popular youtube content creator like Gary Simon (DesignCourse) has some videos on it.

Codius is closer to Interledger since they came from the same folks. Personally I like Codius's general-purpose design more than locked to learn Solidity lang from scratch. But unfortunately it doesn't have the same velocity and support compared to the Ethereum land at the moment.